If you have any garden DIY ideas and thoughts garden construction related then this site will be for you.

This site aims to bring across the various aspects of an English country garden for the domestic DIY enthusiast to ultimately help them in building a garden. This includes the following topics, which will be looked into in depth:

  • Examination of the tools that will most likely be needed
  • Accurate surveying and measuring of the site in question.
  • Assessing the ground type – for example: clay, rocky, infill, sand.
  • Planning and designing the garden – creating ideas for layout and design, roughing out your ideas for layout and design, transferring survey measurements to a scale drawing etc.
  • Costing – once decisions have been made (re type of materials and quantities).
  • Materials – consideration of what look you want and sourcing from suppliers (local and national).
  • Excavation – careful marking out of the site using your scale drawing to establish levels and also establish where existing services are (for example drains and manholes) and if in the front garden then gas/electric telephone cables. Also notable is hand digging (with spades or shovels), skip hire and possible hiring of a mini digger.
  • Patios and paths – define requirements of materials needed e.g. natural stone or concrete products.
  • Drives – block drives, paving slabs, natural stone and bonded resin.
  • Walling – bricks, concrete blacks and natural stone randomly laid.
  • Turfing – types of turf (cultivated turf/meadow grass) and most importantly the turfing technique that we use personally.
  • Planting – such as shrubs, trees and herbaceous and the ideas and techniques that we personally use.
  • Fencing – types of fencing that includes: post and rail, panel and post, close-boarded, trellis and rustic poles. Of course our methods to achieve the various fencing types will be explicated.
  • Ponds and water features.
  • Project management – to make sure that the flow of sequences involved in garden construction happens as methodically and smoothly as possible.
  • Feelings and opinions about various (primarily domestic) garden related matters.

By following the various posts on this website we are sure that you will be able to create your own dream domestic front/back English garden, in your own time and at your own pace – regardless of the site (size, ground type etc.) you have got to work with… All that will be needed is a willingness to learn, to be reasonably physically fit and to have a certain amount of patience.

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