How to Cut Paving Slabs with an Angle Grinder

This previous post on laying paving slabs and this one on how to carry out pointing will hopefully be useful for this post that details our take on how to cut paving slabs.

You will need to cut paving slabs to size using an angle grinder such as this Large DEWALT one (electric or petrol powered) and a good quality diamond blade (marcrist bf or spectrum zx range).

You will need ear defenders and goggles for this and a good quality mask, (e.g. 3m type).

It is always best to do the cutting away from the project so as to not cover any assistants with dust whilst they are working. Note: some of the larger petrol grinders have a water attachment fitted to suppress dust especially if neighbors with their cars and perhaps also if they are drying washing; is an issue.

Let the machine do the work with no extra force applied.

Score along your pencil line first with a shallow groove then start at the end nearest you, hold the machine very firmlyeating into this edge and working forward slowly, using the weight of the tool only, not forcing, be patient, as always, do not rush.

In time you will no doubt get the hang of it.

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