Improve your Garden via Garden Fencing

It is always a good and a relatively simple ploy to Improve your Garden by encompassing Garden Fencing. This post will hopefully give you an idea on what logistics are often involved….

Defining and restoring the parameters of your garden is usually the first stage of garden construction refurbishment. Careful planning will need to be done with your neighbor’s to make sure that you do not ‘upset’ anyone with the proposed garden fencing.

Overgrown and wild plots tend to have broken-down boundaries – with trees/shrubs and general scrub on the fence-line. These will all need to be cleared to enable site strings to be stretched between the correct points, which of course need to be agreed on by your neighbor’s, after which the garden fencing can then be constructed.

As with most properties, one or two boundaries in the garden will be your responsibility to maintain and to replace, this can usually be confirmed on the house deeds. The remaining boundary will be your neighbor’s responsibility and a certain amount of diplomacy is sometimes called for, for example, the neighbor might be happy to leave their fence in the current state and you may have to pay for the re-build. Believe us, this does happen and in our experience it is not worth falling out over!

Many types of decorative panels (for garden fencing) are available nowadays. There are many makes – ‘Jackson’s’ garden fencing products, for example, give a comprehensive selection of designs. Note that it is always a good idea to discuss fence height and design with your neighbor to get them on side (whether they are paying for it or not).

Once your fence height, length and style are decided on, the fence supplier will advise on exact quantities and make-up of your order. A good spirit level, cordless drill, wheel barrow, spade, claw hammer will be needed as basic tools.

Posts will need to be upright both ways and on the boundary line, concreted into the ground, and Panels/gravel boards will need to be level.

The transformation that new garden fencing makes to any garden is immediate and can be the springboard to future improvements.

For a guide on installing garden fencing please stay tuned!


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