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These are the tools we have identified that you will need if you are considering building an English country garden. Some you may be able to borrow or hire but all are widely available at various places.

Hand tools
Sharp spades (ideally with metal handles and shafts)
Mattocks – good tool for chopping out ground prior to scooping up and carting to the skip.
Long handled shovels and short handled standard shovels – the long handled shovel saves strain on the lower back using more of the upper back and shoulders when scooping up looser materials off of the ground.
Pick axe – for levering up concrete.
Metal rakes (ideally with metal handles)
Steel pry bars (or wrecking bars) – for levering up concrete and stubborn objects in the ground
Half-moon edging irons – for making accurately in the turn for a border or hard landscaping area, also for edging up a new area of turf and cutting in new turfs
Rabbiting spade – for chopping through roots and digging fence post holes. This is a small sturdy blade welded to a long strong handle.
Small fork and large fork – for digging over beds and preparing for turfing.
Plastic buckets – for carting materials when wheel barrows can not be used and mixing up small amounts of mortar mix or concrete.
Wheel barrows – such as this type.
Sledge hammer (such as the Graintex SH1612 Sledge Hammer) – for smashing up brickwork block work and concrete.
Fencing pins – for marking out areas to be worked with string and screening off areas with hazard type.

Small hand tools
Bolsters and chisels
Claw hammers
Mechanical tools (can be hired)
Electric/two-stroke angle grinders (e.g. the DEWALT D28402K) – these are concrete saws with quality diamond blades for cutting through concrete stone/metal products.
Compacter plate – for consolidating sub bases and ground prior to paving.
Breakers (such as the Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG) – electric/petrol for breaking out concrete structures.
Cordless screwdriver and impact drill – for fixing fence posts to walls and fence panels to posts.
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