What to do with a Small Town Garden?

As many first time buyers in the UK start off with a 1 or 2 bedroom house on a new estate, they can expect to get with that a postage stamp sized garden (small town garden) with a 10 to 20 sq. M. size lawn, a path and a basic patio.

small town garden

With spare cash almost certainly being an issue, keeping garden construction simple is the key for a small town garden.

The idea is to concentrate on where the inevitable shed is going to be placed – usually at the end of the small town garden nearest the back gate.
The lawn can then be dug out and replaced with a decorative stone circle kit with either brick or stone edgings, crushed slate chippings around (between the circle feature and the patio/path) and of course with a suitable membrane under everything (to keep the weeds away).

small town garden

In a very small town garden the smallest detail goes far – i.e. notice the red brick up-stand in both the images under the neighboring fence with a semi-circle around the existing honeysuckle climber, then forming a quadrant raised border against the shed with a specimen upright yew (slow growing).

The circle can be used for a free-standing feature (bird bath or statue) or as a seating  area (as shown above).

Please note that the round table and chairs can often be ‘cheaply’ bought.


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